Pharma Bold 300


Category: Injicerbara steroider
Package: 10ml ampull (300mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)

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Equipoise (brand Pharma Bold 300) was intended for use in the veterinary direction as an anabolic agent for increasing muscle strength and mass. Equipoise – for racing horses, ganabol – for cattle, venobol – for chickens. It began to be used by people mainly in Mexico because of the widespread availability and availability of the drug equipoise. This anabolic agent allowed to achieve a sufficient growth of muscles, which gained popularity among athletes of bodybuilding and powerlifting.


The drug has a pronounced prolonged action, which at the same time is its significant drawback. The half-life of the substance is about 10-12 days. In this regard, with the introduction of the last injection of the cycle of the drug its concentration in the blood is average, which means that its content is too high for a pronounced anabolic effect, but not enough to stop the effect of the drug on the male sex glands and to restore the synthesis of natural testosterone. To solve the problem, it is recommended to use this drug only at the initial stage of the anabolic cycle, and then replace it with a more effective anabolic steroid.


The average weekly dose of the drug is 400-600 mg. With such a dose is achieved the release of the maximum anabolic effect of the drug. However, it is possible to use both smaller doses and large ones. But in this case, the risk of side effects increases dramatically.

The cycle of taking this drug should be no more than 10 weeks (on average, 8-10 weeks). In the case of the inclusion of equipoise in the cycle of another anabolic steroid, the duration of the cycle is reduced to a maximum of 6 weeks.

Side effects

For men, contraindications as such are absent; women should take the drug with extreme caution, since, as mentioned above, the risk of virilization increases.

Since the aromatization of boldenone is mild, manifestations of excess estrogen formation in men, expressed in gynecomastia, peripheral edema, and periodic increases in blood pressure, are rare.

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